•  Applicants must have a valid, government-issued photo ID (Driver’s License, Valid DMV ID, Passport, Military ID or Resident Alien Card)
  • ORI Number
  • OCA Number for individuals fingerprinting for DCF. Your employer will have your OCA number.

ORI number (or Originating Agency Identifier Number) is a 9-digit code that determines where your background check will go. Each regulatory agency and/or employer has their own ORI number and so, they will have this information. Please confirm your ORI number with your employer as it is extremely important to use the correct code when submitting fingerprints. If you do not provide an ORI number, or if you provide an incorrect ORI number to the live scan provider, you will not receive your fingerprint results. Learn more about ORI, OCA, and VECHS numbers here.

The OCA is the Controlling Agency Identifier provided by DCF to identify the provider requesting the background check. This number will accompany an ORI number for DCF. Without both the ORI and OCA numbers, FDLE cannot process the request and DCF will not know where to send the results.

Electronic Fingerprinting (otherwise known as live scan fingerprinting) is a fingerprinting process completed with a live scan machine rather than having ink rolled on a card. The fingerprints are submitted to the specific state agency using your ORI number to process your level 2 background check.

Yes. You can get your fingerprint card done here. If you do not have the fingerprint card, we have some available at the fingerprint site for you.

The fingerprinting process should take anywhere between 5-10 minutes, depending on the image quality of your prints and the information you supply.

Typically, live scan providers do not provide copies of background checks. The information is sent electronically to your potential employer or licensing department. It is at their discretion to provide a copy for your records. If you are interested in obtaining your criminal history report, we offer background checks conducted by our comprehensive investigations team for as low as $9.99.

On Jan.1, 2013, legislation regarding changes to the background screening process has increased some state fees. So far, only AHCA and DOH have been affected by these new regulations. However, many more are anticipated to follow in the coming months. To comply with state regulations, our prices are subject to change.